• People prefer to buy brands because they reduce perceived risk.
    • People buy brands for status.
    • People refer more often and more passionately to a brand they like and trust.
    • Branding will give you a competitive advantage in a competitive market environment.

How it Works

Positioning is communicating the right message to the right people at the right time.
It is how you create an image or identity for your brand in the minds of your target
markets—and we have been helping our clients do this successfully for more than a decade.

Positioning must be:

  • True (if you say you’re experienced, you’d better be experienced.)
  • Differentiating (not saying the same thing everyone else says.)
  • Memorable (you are competing with 3,000 messages a day.)
  • Compelling to your intended target audience (for example, don’t look too expensive when dealing with lower-income patients.)

Doctors are likely to think more in terms of equipment such as technical sophistication and hardware, or clinical quality such as skill level, training, and peer reputation. However, the public values service such as easy access, the amenities, or the ease of scheduling. These are the value-added items of products or service differentiation