Developing the Strategic Plan

Our expert team is here to help you identify your vision and goals and then chart a course to achieve them. We will assist to develop measurable objectives and creative strategies, along with a realistic timeline and budget to help the program stay on track.


Developing a Plan

Business Evaluation

Savvy Marketing will assist in developing a customized internal and external marketing strategy that will facilitate the achievement of the business goals. First, we’ll do a thorough internal assessment to include the business plan, existing referral patterns, staff customer service skills, and existing programs; as well as the business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then we begin to develop a strategic marketing plan along with an implementation schedule. Next, we’ll help your management team in defining each staff member’s role as it relates to executing the plan. During a general meeting, the staff will be introduced to the promotional agenda, internal and external planned marketing activities, strategic objectives, and their individual roles in achieving these initiatives.