Email Marketing with Measurable Results

email marketing

Are you missing an opportunity to capitalize on your target and keep communication open. If you are not using email marketing, the answer to this question is yes! Accord to a survey 41% of people read emails every two hours. This numbers is increasingly rising yearly. In addition, 23% of the email read are shared and /or receive a positive response.


In the medical field this could mean multiple opportunities to communicate your message to patients. Our team knows that communication doesn’t stop with the opening of an email. We analyze the behavior of each recipient by measuring the CTR (click through rate), landing page, and  A/B testing with which campaign was most effective.

In addition to email marketing, we also utilize data collection, which builds email lists and can funnel into managing your online reputation. By setting up monthly surveys that can provide feedback about your medical practice customer service  and patient satisfaction scores we can analyze the data obtained for the consumers perception of the practice.  With that data any operational changes needed can be addressed to perfect the internal management of the practice. In addition, the positive comments can be utilized in reputation management and enhancing the image of the physicians and/or practice.