Savvy Education has experience in planning, implementing, and on-site management of bio-skills lab educational training. Whether you are a physician practice, an educational facility, or a manufacturing company needing a bio-skills lab program developed or planning an individual lab session, Savvy has the experience and expertise to make it successful.

 Let Savvy assist you in designing a lab to facilitate education such as:


  • Sales force training on the use of specialized medical instrumentation.
  • Courses and workshops for specialists in many medical areas such as nurses, physicians, and therapists.
  • Co-sponsorship of medical education programs to both the general public and/or specialized groups.
  • Anatomy lessons and hands-on experience for middle and high school students to enhance classroom assignments.
  • Special training for area health service agencies, such as The Red Cross, etc.

Bio-Skills Workshop

To assist in making your event a monumental success Savvy can assist in the planning and on-site management of your skills lab to include:

  • Evaluating your needs and procuring facilities.
  • Tissue procurement and processing for the State of Florida.
  • Procurement of trained and experienced lab support staff.
  • Lab setup and cleanup.
  • Sawbones procurement as needed.
  • Evaluating and facilitating equipment and instrument needs.
  • Post-lab mailing and shipping assistance.
  • Coordination of any catering, AV needs, etc.
  • Development of any educational materials or handouts for didactic sessions.

Let Savvy handle all the details!

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